Attention Submitters: Thanks for all the love this year! We look forward to your continued support in our next issue. Submission dates for Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 will be announced this summer.
Formerly known as Basalt, Stonecrop Magazine is a non-profit open access publication designed and edited by students of College of Western Idaho. Stonecrop is funded by CWI's Language and Arts Department.
We publish original works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art, with new issues printed each Spring. Our review period begins in September and extends through March. Expect a response within or shortly after this period.

Stonecrop is proud to collaborate with Storyfort, an integral branch of Treefort Music Fest held in downtown Boise, Idaho. As part of its annual tradition, Storyfort invites literary minds near and far to write, read, and enrich.
The top three winners of the Storyfort Micro Fiction Contest receive prizes and get their stories published in the spring issue of Stonecrop Magazine.
Look for Storyfort on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @storyfortfest
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