Stonecrop No. 04 Has Arrived!

Copies are now available for purchase. Stonecrop No. 05 submissions open in September 2021. 
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Formerly known as Basalt, Stonecrop Magazine is a non-profit open access publication designed and edited by students of College of Western Idaho. Stonecrop is funded by CWI's Arts & Humanities Department.
We publish original works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art, with new issues printed each Spring. Our review period begins in September and extends through December.
Stonecrop is proud to collaborate with Storyfort, an integral branch of Treefort Music Fest held in downtown Boise, Idaho. As part of its annual tradition, Storyfort invites literary minds near and far to write, read, and enrich. 
The top three winners of the Storyfort Micro Fiction Contest receive prizes and get their stories published in the spring issue of Stonecrop Magazine.
Look for Storyfort on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @storyfortfest

Stonecrop Magazine's spring publication is now available for purchase!

Stonecrop No. 04, 2021
Stonecrop No. 03, 2020
Stonecrop No. 02, 2019
Stonecrop No. 01, 2018

Basalt Magazine back issues available:

Issue 05, 2017
Issue 04, 2016  *Out of stock
Issue 03, 2015
Issue 02, 2014
Issue 01, 2013  *Out of stock

$10.00/issue + Submittable's processing/hosting fees (5% + $0.99)

10% off when you purchase two or three copies, 15% off when you purchase four or more. 

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Previously unpublished original fiction, any genre. Must stand alone (no chapters).

No page or word count limit. However, works of length must be of exceptional quality. 

Remove all submitter identification from the manuscript--no names, emails, etc.

Previously unpublished original nonfiction, general interest or personal narratives.

Complete, stand alone (no chapters).

No page or word count limit. However, works of length must be of exceptional quality.

Remove all submitter identification from the manuscript--no names, emails, etc.
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Previously unpublished original poetry in any style or format.

Single poems, or groups in a single upload, are accepted. Limit to 5 poems per document file.

If submitting multiple document files, please upload these individually. For the sake of our review team and to ensure each poem receives proper attention, we do not offer multiple uploads in a single submission. To upload multiple documents, you must return to the Poetry submission form and begin a new upload process. Once you have completed a submission (one document file containing 5 poems max.), you will be redirected to our Submittable home page where you can access the Poetry form to begin your next upload.

**Remove ALL submitter identification from the manuscript--no names, emails, etc.

Our art content is not theme-based. We encourage artists to submit works demonstrating personal skill and aesthetic.

Original art of any style and medium. Previously unpublished work only.

Individual works, groups, and series are accepted. If submitting groups or series, clearly label each submission (ex. Snowfall 1 of 4, Snowfall 2 of 4). Please rename your files with the title of the work and your name (ex. snowfall_jane-doe).

All art submitted for general publication will be considered for the cover.

  • All forms of media accepted
  • B&W and Color
  • Dimensions of final printed publication: 6 ½ " W  x  7 ½ " H
  • Minimum page dimensions for printed publication: 5" W  x  6" H
  • High resolution files only: approximately 300 ppi/dpi. Strictly enforced. Though image post-editing may be possible by the artist or Stonecrop staff, image files that fall below 270ppi/dpi may be subject to elimination.
  • Suggested file types:
    • TIF, PSD, JPG, PNG

    *Remove all submitter identification from the file and the image--no visible watermarks, names, emails, etc.